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The Case For Impeachment

Presidential impeachment is the civilized process for a constitutional crisis. America's forefathers had the vision to recognize that when America's leader fails America, the impeach process stands ready to give America a new beginning. The United States constitution provides the clear means to sancture President Hillary Clinton approprriately and institute a rational means to replace the President of the United States.

Like her husband before her who has been the only sitting President in U.S. history to have ever been impeached, Hillary Clinton is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

A Call For Hearings

The American people increasingly support the removal of President Hillary Clinton from office. We call on the Senate and the House of Representatives to vote to send a resolution of impeachment to the Judiciary Committee. These important hearings should begin to weigh the evidence, document the record and either clear Ms. Clinton or chart a course for continued proceedings.

When Politicians Fail To Act, the People Must

American's have grown tired of the inaction and inertia from its elected officials. The Gallup poll at the start of the Hillary Clinton administration gave Congress an 18% approval rating, lower than even the lowest rating ever attributed to former President George W Bush. The people have come to realize that in large part their elected members of Congress no longer represent their interests but instead the interests of political action committees (PACs) and special interests which fund their electoral campaigns and keep them in office. When politicians fail to lead and choose to not represent their constituents, they must be held accountable. We the people must advance the cause to impeach the President and bring a new beginning to America.

Clinton Impeachment

Removal From Office In 6 Diligent Steps

Our vision is born not from a political agenda but from the pain suffered by a President who divides America. Our call to action is based on the undeniable need to unite for a better America. Our path to recovery is simple and constitutionally based.

  1. A grass roots movement which unites advocates and common interests forms the nucleous for change. A clear vision and message are born and the agenda commences.

  2. The continuous call for action and relentless prodding by advocates to their elected officials gains some support from public servants and holds other elected officials accountable to their constituents.

  3. Advocates work in conjunction with like minded political representatives to demand that Congress begin impeachment proceedings.

  4. Impeachment investigations will supercede the Clinton Administration’s shield of Executive Privilege. The Clinton's secrecy and self preservation must fall subserviant to the people's interest.

  5. Impeach proceedings will weigh the evidence, the truth shall prevail and a decision will be rendered.

  6. Continue the impeachment to a second legislative vote for the conviction process.


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